WowApp is the WhatsApp / Snapchat / Skype alternative that pays you revenue to engage with your friends and family. The more you engage, the more you earn.

WowApp: the revolutionary new way to stay in touch with friends & family...

Private Mode

Skype Alternative

WhatsApp Alternative

Snapchat Alternative

Does your current messenger do the following.....?

WowApp allows you to keep in touch with friends and family. Message and call other WowApp users FREE!

Share information, files and video securely in private mode (no archives on our servers).

Wow App synchroizes perfectly between desktop and mobile devices.

Get rewarded for everything you do on Wow App including messaging and chat.

WowApp's Amazing Features

Unique, cool and funky stickers and emoji allow you to express yourself perfectly.

High quality, reliable connections while using Wow App messenger and calls worldwide.

Device synchronization

Earn Revenue

Express Yourself

High Quality

100% Free

Wow App allows you to call mobiles or landlines at some of the worlds lowest rates (that's right, even cheaper than Skype!)

Tons of features and easy to use and customize

International calls from $0.05 per minute

Reliable and Secure Platform

Send files internationally via messenger

Low Cost International Calls

As well as rewarding you for everything you do on WowApp, you can also earn passive monthly revenue by inviting friends, family, colleagues and contacts to use the messenger app....

Once your contacts have joined WowApp and start receiving monetisation you will also be rewarded a percentage of their earnings. This model goes 8 levels deep, meaning as your contacts grow their network, your network and earnings also grow. WowApp offers you a great opportunity to start earning monthly passive revenue just for using and inviting others to this great new service. You dont get that with Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat or other instant messaging apps do you?

Grow your network to grow your revenue!

Learn more about this awesome messenger app and monetisation platform by watching the short explainer video.

Want to know more...?

Lisa McMirram

"High quality calls and video, very low cost calls to non WowApp users and I get rewarded!? That's why WowApp is the Skype alternative for me!"

Daily Rewards

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons why you should use WowApp...


Your data, messages, pictures and privacy is secure. WowApp's state of the art servers ensure your data is securely stored in the cloud. We even support "private mode" which removes any archives of your messages and files from our servers.

It's Awesome

Receive your Wow Coins daily! No other messenger app rewards its users, so if you're looking for a Skype alternative, WhatsApp alternative, Snapchat alternative or Facebook Messenger alternative then check out WowApp today!

Secure Data

WowApp is a unique and exciting app that helps the community make a difference. WowApp share their own advertising revenue to the community and enable users to donate their WowApp revenue to thousands of worldwide charities...pretty cool right?!

The Skype alternative that pays... what are you waiting for?

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